Our story is the tale of two ambitious, proud Indian women who share the love of adventure.

It begins in the heart of Boston, Massachusetts right on Newbury Street, a place we grew to love as a second home and will never forget. There, you will find the true embodiment of luxury - stately Victorian-style homes oozing in regality at every turn. Lovely little cafes that serve aromatic treasures with a smile. A plethora of quaint retail shops and luxury boutiques to peruse as you inhale the crisp, Winter air bright and early in the morning.

As we reminisce on those glorious days filled with warmth and coziness, we strive to recreate the same allure of opulence with each of our luxe candles. Embark on a mental escape to our favorite areas during our stay in Boston - tour the water’s edge at the Riverway. Dine in splendor in the heart of Copley Square.  Take a reflective stroll down Symphony Road. Explore where the commercial district and the Back Bay intertwine at Trinity Place. These are the very memories that we wish to share with India, our beloved home country.

As we reminisce and create magic with each candle, we wish to deliver the same heartfelt warmth right to your living room. Allow us to share the magnificence of Newbury with you as we sprinkle our precious memories into each affectionately made jar.